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Develop an app in which users help each other to deliver and earn from it


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When People Deliver to People

Alber is an excellent service, for those who want to send a parcel to another city or country, but do not overpay the transport companies. And also for travelers who will not be difficult to transfer the parcel and earn on it.

Easy to Use

The app has an extensive functionality that allows the user to be both the originator and the customer at the same time. This means that one in one application, it's possible choose performers, search for customers, correspond with users, monitor the status of parcels, monitor finances and much more. Our brilliant developers helped to make all this functionality to be convenient and simple as possible.

More Than a Hundred Thoughtful Screens

Huge Functionality

In the app, there is a convenient detailed search function, secure payment method which includes; Card, PayPal and many more. The app also has a convenient and fast chat, easy order addition, verified user profile and much more. Perhaps, this is one of our most technically advanced projects we have ever created.

And Many More

Built-in messenger, review system and many more details to make the whole app work well.