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Create great card gaming experience with gorgeous graphics and smart details

Durak Game

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The game has a powerful implementation of the popular Russian card game with several game mode, ability to play online for monet and connect with new people. This is an amazing function and design created by our team of illustrations and developers.

Game Modes

An important feature of the game is a variety of game modes: transfer, podkidnye and with different number of players at the table. We also implemented "bots" that look and act like ordinary people. This is important at the initial stages of the project launch, so that users had someone to play with.


Based on some of the world's best gaming experience, this game has an already pre-installed chat room with a default word phrases and it's also possible to add players as friends and communicate with them in a full chat system

Plenty of Thoughtful Details

For example, "shirts" for cards, interesting achievements, news feed and much more. It is important not only to make the basic functionality, but also not to forget about the details.