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Kalina Gold

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Create a game for every mobile OS with nice graphics, simple gameplay and challenging levels


This is the classic ‘Runner’ genre game. Squirrel character runs automatically and the players task is to avoid obstacles, collect game currency (nuts) and cope with enemies

In-game Store

Kalina Gold is a popular brand that sells children's jewelry. With the help of this game, the brand finds a new audience. Players can not only get acquainted with the product of the company but also be able to purchase it directly from the application with the game currency collected while played

Great Illustrations

Every detail of every game aspect was drawn from scratch.

Level Design

We have though out and developed every level of the game. With that we achieved an excellent balance and the game turned out not too complicated, but challenging, and each level is not similar to the previous one

100% Handmade Work

Every single art in the game was made by our talented illustrators. It's all unique and beautiful! .