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Create backgammon game - beautiful and with smart functional


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Play Online and Win Real Money

We drew and developed a game with great functionality and multiple game modes. In the game, users has the ability to participate in tournaments and play for money. All these runs in a stunning pixel-perfect graphics

Game Boards

Depending on the desired rate, the user will play in different cities. This solution stimulates users to return to the game, get more game money to see all the "boards". Each board was carefully drawn by the forces of two illustrators. A logo was drawn for each city.

Play on Any Device

The game is adapted for all mobile devices or tablets.

Sophisticated Economy System

Our game designers have thought through and implemented many subtleties in the economy of the game. Free coins can be earned with a timer, which helps the players return to the application. You can also get them for watching a video and this helps to get extra profit from players who never plan to pay. Also on the recurrence of players work daily bonuses, the size of which increases with each passing day. Coins can be spent on customizing cubes, phrases in the chat and, of course, on bets. For paying players, the most attractive screens with the ability to make purchases were drawn.

2 Game Modes and Tournaments

During the game, users can communicate using preset chats. And if a user logs into the application through social networks, he will be able to tell his friends about the successes achieved.

Smart Bots

To play the coins, we created smart, trained bots. They look and act like ordinary users. This is extremely useful at the project launch stage so that users do not feel lonely.

Detailed Illustrations