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Not Just a Dating Service

We created a service in which people can find other people, not considering only common interests but also other things with gender, age and much more. There is a unique feature of this application - the sign of the zodiac

Stars, Astrology and Algorithm

Our specialists have developed a special algorithm that takes account of the percentage of compatibility of signs depending on gender, age, phase of the moon and other astrological beliefs.

Your Love Is Just a Tap Away

We conducted a study and determined that to find a pair it is better not to reinvent the wheel, but to use the experience of leafing out "cards" that is familiar to users. And the transition to detailed information or to chats takes exactly one click. Hence the slogan of the service "Your love in just a tap away"

Find a Match - It's Easy

Searching for a match is vest easy and fast. We immediately dismissed the idea of filling out long questionnaires which stress and annoys users, but with our service, users are to answer only a few questions about their preferences in the drop-down menu option.

Client’s testimonial’:

Hi Everyone, my name is Yana and I am the Founder of the Dating App Smoocci that MetaProject developed for me. I was lucky to find this company to work with as these guys are very creative and innovative, they produce a product of a good quality, they are very responsible, they know how to manage expectations and they are always there for you 24/7! We started our project from the very scratch, the design was developed, branded colors were chosen, then it took up to 3 months to build the app for both platforms, after that the app was tested and successfully launched. Moreover, MetaProject support the product after the launch which is really valuable and in case some bugs come up, they are always there to fix it asap. I would highly recommend MetaProject to work with!

Yana Boyko

CEO Smoocci