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Develop the marketplace solution for deliveries with a huge functional.


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UBER for Couriers Delivery

Our team developed complex project about the courier delivery. App combines a wide range of functionalities for those who want to hire a courier or those who want to earn money providing delivery services.

Track Couriers

Users can track their couriers by wat Hong their actual location on the map. Also with each order a user creates on the app, a unique tracking number will be sent to the recipient so as to enable them track the courier from a web browser

As a Courier

Couriers can setup a special filter and see the pool of appropriate orders to choose and start working. Useful sections with app statistics allows you to monitor the performance of your work.

As a Client

User able to create orders in two simple clicks. You can also choose from many couriers based on their rating and work history. For businesses, it's possible to add and assign their own couriers. Everything is as convenient as possible for the users.

Trustful and Thoughtfully

Our team came up with several ideas to ensure the best trust experience for clients. For example, when couriers want to close the order, we check if they are really on the place of the arrival and also sends a special code to the reciever that he must say to the couriers. Besides that, every courier securely confirms their identities during registration.

Admin Panel

We never forget that the service is created not only for users. Admins can view detailed information about their couriers, set different tariffs for different regions, respond immediately to bad reviews and many more function that they need for smooth and effective work.