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Develope the online store with advanced functionality, integration to 1C, further support and promotion. Design the brand from the scratch – logo, brand style, banners and other printed materials.

Umka Home Decor

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The website design is clean, friendly and bright. The structure is simple and effective. All information is divided into thematic blocks. We got rid of everything unnecessary, so it’s very quick and easy to place an order now. We have drastically increased the website’s usability.

Admin Panel

We did not forget that the website was developed not only for users but also for the company’s employees. All necessary information is structured and convenient for work and all users have different rights and access to the website’s sections. We took into account that users sometimes want to change the quantity of product they ordered, delivery type or payment method, so the manager has rights to change it. He can even add a different product or update the order details.

1C Integration

Titles, availability in the warehouse, orders, finances - this information is synchronized with the account in 1C. In the end, everything works accurately, and the number of errors is minimized.


For the business to remain profitable, it’s not enough to just launch, it requires permanent attention and support, and not only a technical one. We have designed the branded magnets, flyers, leaflets, price tags and many other POS materials. All of the above are constantly renewing for each new season or promotion. We have designed the branded magnets, flyers, leaflets, price tags and many other POS materials. All of the above are constantly renewing for each new season or promotion.


Banners on the website are updated even more frequently, so we have created some templates that can be easily edited by the company’s employees and also we continue to design new banners to attract more customers. .

In addition to the main pages, we have designed detailed information sections, which describe the store, delivery conditions and guarantees in the most convenient way for the user.


Publications about decorating a house, selecting a great gift and even movie reviews – they are all collected in a company’s blog. The blog is important both for maintaining the company's activity, and for SEO promotion.

Responsive Design

Almost half of the site visits are on mobile devices. Therefore, when developing the project, we paid great attention to the fact that the site looked great on any smartphones or tablets. Convenient navigation and presentation of products in the mobile version help users to easily purchase anywhere and anytime.

Support & Further Development

We are always here to support, analyze and help projects grow and develop. That’s why we don’t just develop the website and disappear after receiving money for it, we continue to support and deploy new functionality to increase the conversion. For example, one year after the launch of the website we added the “discount scale” and thus doubled the average check of the customer. And this is just one of the new features.


For more than 2 years, the store has been successfully operating on the Ukrainian market. Every day about 400 unique users visit the store and this number is continuously growing. The average time a user spends on the site is about 4 minutes. This is an excellent indicator. Nevertheless, we do not stop and continue working on improvements. In 2017 Umka opened a retail store in Odessa. The staff of the company is growing, the number of products and services is increasing. And we are incredibly proud that we started working with "Umka" from the very beginning.